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Arabic Citadel Literature

Immerse Yourself In The Arabic Citadel | Literature, Morphology & Speaking

Travel through the Arabic Language Citadel with Mufti Moinul as your guide | Onsite & Online & Recorded | Starts Jan 27th 2024 | 10 Weeks

What our students say

    Learning the Arabic in your 40’s is tough. Week on week I struggled to retain the information from the class. However the structure of the course has meant that during the week I have been able to access the content again and again, until it sunk in.

    I was able to listen to the class recordings again and again and attend the mid week trench class with Ustadha Nasima. Alhamdulliah, it worked and I am looking forward to signing up to the next level. 

    - Suhana, Social Worker, London


    The Arabic citadel element of the programme also helped us to contemplate deeply on the importance of language and the verses of the Quran, allowing us to understand the what our Lord is asking of us quite literally. It has also allowed us to better explain to our children what Allah asks of them too.

    - The Ahmed Family, former advisor at FCA & School Administrator, London


    The arabic citadel course has been a game changer to my life. It has awakened a thirst for understanding the Arabic in a way that no other course ever has. I have since signed up to every arabic course available at the Quran Institute to cement the learning of the previous course. The added family benefit is that every member of my family looks forward to spending time with the institue family, learning together and making new friends throughout the journey. Our life as a family, is now centred around learning the deen, and everything else we do is to facilitate our learning. 

    - Umm Aiza, Social Worker, London


    The Arabic citadel element of the programme also helped us to contemplate deeply on the importance of language and the verses of the Quran, allowing us to understand the what our Lord is asking of us quite literally. It has also allowed us to better explain to our children what Allah asks of them too.

    - The Ahmed Family, former advisor at FCA & School Administrator, London

    This course allowed a family like mine, with a busy household (living with parents, young sons) and responsibilities along with a new born, to still learn & develop deen as a family. They made the impossible possible. I really commend their high quality input and organisation of their online streaming (Live) and outside class support. There were week we weren't physically able to attend (illness etc) but as a family we were able to join watching it live with our notebooks open in our living room tv, while my wife is feeding the baby on the highchair. The comfort level of the onsite experience is very accommodating especially when families with baby's join without being frowned upon .....and an eye pleasing healthy lunch spread a tea from time to time went a long way. A genuine modern style teaching with traditional roots. -

    - Kashim, Former Social Worker, London

    My Journey through the Arabic Citadel was beautiful. The Quran Institute gave me the opportunity to learn Qur’anic Arabic grammar that I was looking for, for some time. They provided, the atmosphere, setting and even a creche! So I had no excuse not to join.

    They left no stone unturned to allow mothers like myself to attend. In the past, I had attended a few short courses and learnt very little from these courses. The Quran Institute was a structured course that taught me from scratch to understand the grammar in depth.

    No words will really be enough to say thank you to the team of TQI, who has arranged this course with such love and dedication , especially our ustadh Mufti Moinul, he is a true gem with lots of patience for us novices. Alhamdulillah, I have completed level 1 and now will in sha Allah join the 2. This course is highly recommended to those sisters and brothers especially, who want to acquire the knowledge to understand the messages of Allah Subhaanahu wa ta’aala from His book- Al-Qur’aan. 

    - Shebly, Nurse, London

    I really enjoyed the Arabic Citadel course. It was my first Arabic course that I took and I could not wait for the next weekend to come for the next class. I cannot describe how much I loved each lesson taking a walk down the citadel to discover the beauty of the Arabic language.

    The lessons were delivered so beautifully by Ustadh Moinul to help us digest new concepts and it was further broken down in the trench sessions by Ustadha Nasima to ensure we understood it well and go through the homework. I am very excited for level two and I pray for Ustadh Moinul and Ustadha Nasima for Allah to bless them and reward them for all their effort and hard work to help us to learn the beautiful language of the Quran and I recommend this course for everyone. 

    - Suhura (Student from London)


    I’ve struggled with getting to grips with Arabic for a few years now, often starting and then dropping out of courses, not seeing much benefit. With the Arabic Citadel, I found that having a page of Quran that you broke down the grammar of, week by week, served as a great reminder of the small but consistent progress you were making. By the end of the course, the page was filled with underlining and highlighting, giving you the encouragement to continue your learning

    - Zaidi, Junior Doctor, Oldham

    After completing the Family Program under the Quran Institute, I followed up by attending the Arabic Citadel. As an absolute beginner with the Arabic language, Mufti Moinul was able to help me conceptually grasp grammatical rules that I will be engrained in me forever.

    This is a testament to his teaching techniques as he demonstrated that he has the ability to understand the way in each of his students learn best. Although it is a class environment with many students present, Mufti Moinul recognised my strengths and weaknesses as an individual student and through this I was able to learn with a strong ability to focus as often I was made to feel like I was the only student in the room. I also enjoyed getting to know other brothers on the course during the prayer breaks and have built relationships with fellow students that have continued after the course finished.

    The class culture is warm and encouraging. I eagerly look forward to starting Level 2 Arabic under Mufti Moinul and further developing my understanding of Quranic Arabic.

    - Abu Umar, North West London



    This place feels homely, with everyone being incredibly welcoming. The well-thought-out setup, including access to a crèche, kitchen, clean toilets, and delightful amenities like hot drinks and homemade cakes, adds to the warmth. The separate arrangements for brothers and sisters create a respectful Islamic learning environment. Last year, attending the family programme, especially the chance to learn directly from Ustadh Moinul, used to be my weekly highlight—a unique opportunity I wouldn't want to miss.

    This transformative journey broke free from boxed thinking, revealing a broader horizon of possibilities. This year, I'm definitely joining the Citadel and the 60 Sultania; I wouldn't want to miss this opportunity. If you're eager to grasp the essence of living with the Ummah, engaging in khidmah, and pursuing knowledge and closeness to Allah, this is the ideal place for you. It certainly is for me. 

    - Shaba Noore-Parvin, Charity Sector Professional, Redbridge/Essex


    Having studied Letters to Light with the Quran Institute, I was surprised and very impressed with the structure and fresh take on teaching arabic grammar (nahw) presented in Arabic Citadel I. While not necessarily aligned with the way my brain computes grammar, my imagination was sparked and the visualisation of a grand tower citadel truly blew me away. I have scenes of oil lanterns and rock walls, filled with green robed governors (prepositions) using (somewhat juxtaposingly) modern policing technology on a population (nouns) and dragging them down into a certain grammatical state. Further than the unique and impactful approach, the module really comes to life in the Quran; in viewing the words and ayat through the lens (and colours) of grammar - building a better connection with the words of Allah swt. For a first entry into Arabic grammar or a returning student, I think there is a great benefit in immersing oneself in the citadel.

    - Ibrahim, Teacher, London

    The Arabic Citadel took me in and gave me refuge behind its walls when I was wounded and full of self-doubt. It was there Mufti Moinul guided us through the landscape of language introducing us to 'merchants and apprentices, governors and citizens' and all the wonderful characters of Arabic grammar.

    He ensured no one lagged behind, well-aware that we all came with various baggage; he uplifted us with positive words of advice and encouragement along the way making the load lighter to carry. As we explored the scenery of Qur'aan and poetry, he led us through many welcome detours presenting us the beauty of Allaah's (swt) deliberately placed words, revealing to us the gems of tafsir we would have otherwise missed but now have some of the tools to spot ourselves.

    This course is unlike any other. Mufti Moinul has weaved his creative genius into it making it an immersive experience bringing grammar to life as though you can picture it as characters in your mind. The Citadel will be a place I shall never forget. 

    May Allaah swt bless the team who built this wonderful and wholesome course. It truly is one of a kind. 

    - Umm Abdullah, Teacher, East Midlands


    Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, Alhamdulillah, that I was directed to this course, and May Allah immensely bless our Ustadh, Mufti Moinul, his family and the course volunteers. 

    Firstly, the Citadel system Ustadh has developed, is genuinely impressive, and has been incredibly helpful; it is possibly the most unique, enjoyable and effective means, for developing a grammatical mind, with all the ‘four powers’, ‘Town-criers’, ‘Scholars’ and ‘Sultans’ ready to absorb the Arabic of the Quran. 

    Secondly, the structure of course delivery was very well-curated; the foundation Ustadh established from our very first lesson, and the incremental approach thereafter, was exactly what was needed to help unlock throughout the 10 weeks, what initially felt extremely complex and mind-boggling. 

    Thirdly, the method of teaching was excellent; learning was consolidated through 3 primary activities: the main lesson, the ‘trench’, and the ‘journal page’, which helped develop a very strong understanding week-by-week. Moreover, these activities were facilitated by the learning group, where we could have answers to any bits we were even slightly confused about.

    Finally, what I personally felt was the most invaluable aspect of the course, was the incredibly deep gems from Mufti Moinul, ranging from Tafsir and Ahādith to stories and life-lessons. 

    What a journey it was! May Allah allow us all to benefit from such programs and efforts, and allow us to live and die pleasing to Him ﷻ, Ameen.

    - Moosa Ali, University student, London


    I had the privilege to experience the Arabic Citadel, and I must say, it was truly a vibrant and welcoming environment where words transcend their literal meanings and come alive with depth and beauty. Learning Arabic was not a dull formal affair, but you were like a tourist wanting to extend his stay. Standing in the Arabic Citadel was as if you stood in the finest moorish buildings with all their governors, citizens, merchants and scholars… 

    - Emir, history teacher, Odense (Denmark)


    The need to learn Arabic has always been an obvious one, but I had been putting it off for the longest time. Partly because I never really believed that I would be able to grasp anything because I have tried in the past and honestly nothing really came out of it. It wasn’t until I took my first class here that I even realised that this is something that can actually happen, and to my surprise, I was enjoying it as well.

    The way they broke down this preconceived notion in my head that because the Arabic language is so vast therefore it must be impossibly complex - it was truly amazing. I still have a lot to learn but The Arabic Citadel will forever be my go to place as it should be for everyone. I highly recommend this and only this for anyone who is just starting out on their journey! 

    - Ali Doosti Shah, Fitness & Wellness Coach, Pakistan


     Alhamdulillah, it was an amazing experience being a student of Arabic in Arabic citadel. The way mufti and muftiya ( bless them) taught us and related characters in Citadel with Arabic rules was very helpful. I would highly recommend this course. It is an honour to learn the language of Quran from the people of Quran.

    - Aymen Rasool, Doctor, Birmingham


    Arabic learning resources are often scattered when starting self teaching and often we develop a disjointed understanding when trying to develop an understanding based on different systems of pedagogy. The citadel system developed by the Quran Institute is intuitive and engaging. Not only are questions encouraged and clarified in class, the additional online trench sessions allow you to solidify your understanding later on in the week.

    The structure of the programme is effective and purposeful, meaning that beginner learners can get down to mastering the core basics in a impressive period of time. The feeling of being able to understanding significant parts of the Quran on your own gives you is the ultimate sense of fulfilment, and also a realisation that there are so many layers to your relationship with your Lord that were left undiscovered for years. May Allah (swt) reward Mufti Moinul and Muftiyah Nasima immensely. 

    - Aisha, Student, London


    I have tried many methods and avenues to get to grips with the Arabic language especially the grammar. The Arabic Citadel was the first time I felt at ease with learning the rules of grammar in a way that it stuck with me. The personification of the terms and rules were a really unique way at viewing the language and made it much easier to remember. The trench sessions where we would practice the rules really helped to cement the learning, and was a great opportunity to bond with Mufti Moinul and the other students in a comfortable and encouraging environment.

    Mufti Moinul and Muftiya Nasima were constantly offering their time and support throughout the course to ensure everyone could keep on top of their studies. The focus of the course always brought the Arabic back to the Qur’an and made it relevant to the real purpose of learning the language - to understand the words of Allah ﷻ. Each week built a connection to the Qur’an and by the end of the course there was a thirst to want to know even more. 

    - Moumin Qureshi, Secondary School Teacher, Surrey


    Mufti Moinul has been an amazing instructor throughout the duration of the course. We got to witness the creativity, passion and positive engagement in both in-class and online. It’s rare to have these qualities all in one instructor. The care and attention given to us by Mufti Moinul to succeed are beyond appreciated. We thank you for pushing us out of our comfort zone and into the deep world of understanding the Arabic language. Mufti Moinul’s teaching style is second to none and the unique method in the grammatical breakdown of a sentence, through the roles played by ‘street merchants’ and ‘town criers’ is absolutely brilliant. The way the course was taught makes you want to come back and attend further courses, and we definitely recommend it to others.

    - Munim Abu Jannah & Umm Jannah, Trainee Counsellors, London


    I enjoyed the level 1 course and thought it was taught really well by our teachers. They made something that seemed so daunting and complex into something quite simple to understand. The course itself was also designed and structured really well.

    - Emran, Pharmacist, North West, England 

Progression Potential 

Orientation Year 1 | The Family Program | 2023 March | FP02

Learn, heal and grow.

Almost 10yrs ago, Moinul & Nasima left their careers and migrated to Egypt in search of full time studies in Arabic and Islamic knowledge. Their son Hamza travelled with them from Cairo to Madinah, Makkah to Fez & Rabat in Morocco in search of knowledge.

Explore the disciplines of Islam while benefitting from mentorship, companionship and a real sense of community. Build a powerful mindset that will help you build emotional maturity in a new vision for you and your loved ones. Seeking knowledge shouldn’t divide families, it should unite them. This is why family is at the centre of the educational experience at the Quran Institute.

Are you being held back? Lack of willpower and negative relationships have shackled us. It cannot be emphasised enough how much our friends, family and community limit our horizons and prevent us uncovering our God given potential. This course will teach you how to uncover positivity though thankfulness and forbearance mindsets to become a positive influence to yourself and others. Eventually, you will build a growth mindset that will leave you never looking back as you venture forward.

Bridge Course: Arabic Citadel Intensive AC01

Curriculum Content 

We will be teaching grammatical breakdown (i’raab) of Arabic sentences. This begins with knowing the letters (حروف), which make three types of words (كلمة), which makes four types of constructions (تركيب) which leads to two types of sentences (جملة) which are either verbal (فعلية) or nominal (اسمية). 

Curriculum Method

This will be done by limiting the learning remit to reading and not writing, speaking and listening skills. These can be built on top of reading skills and less of a priority where understanding the Quran is concerned. We will focus on the “80/20” rule which is concepts and items for memorisation that are more frequent than others. We have carefully selected the most common words and concepts to cover the most amount of ground within the limited scope of our intensive course. 

Course Outcomes 

Over the duration of this course you will attain the ability to:

i- break down prepositional sentences and full sentences with knowledge of complaint, partially complain and non-complaint nouns 

ii- navigate through dictionaries to find meanings behind nouns and adjectives.

iii- have a basic level of grammatical parsing (i’raab) so as to understand sentence structure and meaning 

iv- translate 50-70 of a randomly selected page of the Quran at a basic grammatical level

v- familiarity with underlying theories of (any) language so as to experience the sense and feeling of a text i.e literary appreciation

vi- differentiate subcategories of nouns such as attached and detached pronouns and how they differ from verbs and prepositions 

vii- basic ability to conjugate common verbs and extract base letters (triconsonantal/semitic roots) 

Lesson Structure

The lesson structure will be given to students a week at a time as we are assessing progress in real time so as to accommodate the pace of all students as the course progresses. 

Ummatica Diploma Program | 2023 February | ND01

For those seeking certification, you can continue after the Family Program to our Diploma year to complete our 2yr Arabic and Islamic Sciences diploma certification. Not all muslims who learn self mastery and relationship skills need to be students of knowledge, however it is our belief that all students of knowledge and activists need self mastery and relationship skills. This is because family is the foundation of Muslim leadership in activism and scholarship. Here is the proposed content to be covered for Year 2 with some modifications pending. Fees for the second year will be announced near January 2023.

This is our proposed curriculum and yet to be confirmed: 

• Philosophy of Science & Religion (Islam & Evolution) - Dr Shoaib A. Malik 

•Primer in Usul: Al-Waraqaat - Shaykh Dr Safarruk

•Contextual Tafsīr Studies: The Hundred of Al-Baqarah - Mufti Moinul

•Primer to the Aqidah: Key Concepts & Themes In The Islamic World View & Iman - Dr Ali Harfouch

•Arabic Renaissance Literature Program - Muftiya Nasima

• Fiqh of Fasting & Prayer - Muftiya Nasima

•Hadith Nomenclature: Nukhbatul-Fikar - Shaykh Dr Safarruk

•Darkness to Light Seerah Course - Mufti Moinul Abu Hamza

•Women's Personal Fiqh - Muftiya Nasima

•Dawa masterclass (Pre-Recorded) - Ustadh Abdullah Al-Andalusi 

•Hadith An-Nawawi Studies (Pre-Recorded) - Shaykh Safarruk

•Safeguarding and mental health training - (TBA)

3yr Advanced Alimiyyah Program | 2024 September


This course is an essential handbook for EVERY muslim family who seek to take shelter from the harms of social media, consumerism and materialism that have eroded or sense of self and our ability to relate to others in a meaningful way. The two main stories covered are the Youth Of The Cave and the Owner of Two Gardens. The first story discusses the fitna (trials) of holding onto one's faith which is essential for many of us who face difficulties in school, university and in the workplace. So how does one hold onto one's Deen in difficult times? The second surah discusses the fitna of wealth and consumerism that has even warped the Islamic message to the extent that learning Islam has become in many ways, a consumer experience.

Your Instructor:


Mufti Moinul is a tafsir instructor at the The Quran Institute. He is a qualified as a Mufti (jurisconsult) from Darul Ilm UK and is now working as a pastoral counsellor for Al-Madad Outreach helping muslim couples. Before this, he was awarded his Alimiyyah Qualification under the tutelage of Sheikh Akram Nadwi at the Al-Salaam Institute which is authorised by Dar Al-Uloom Nadwatu Al-Ulama, Lucknow, India. He is currently rolling out several community projects from a Women’s Centre to a Mental Health listening line. 

Minimum duration of module: 15 Weeks

This course the personal development course for those who want to discover their hidden potential and overcome personal traumas and anxieties and low confidence that stem from spiritual gaps that we all have growing up in this society. You will learn a growth mentality by learning how to navigate between toxic people and people who unknowingly hold us back. it will be a journey of self reflection and one's inner state so as to have a clearer self image to make change possible. Mufti Moinul will directly read through the arabic version of the small text 'Ayyuhal-Walad' or 'Letters to a disciple' and the commentaries on it. 

Quotes from: ‘Letter to a Disciple’ by Al-Ghazali

“I observed mankind, and saw that everyone had an object of love and of infatuation which he loved and with which he was infatuated, some of what was loved accompanied him up to the sickness of death and some [even] up to the graveside. Then all went back and left him solitary and alone, and not one of them entered his grave with him. So I pondered and I said: the best of what one loves is what will enter one’s grave and be a friend to one in it. And I found [it to be] nothing but good deeds! So I took them as the object of my love, to be a light for me in my grave, and a friend to me in it and not leave me all alone.”

"Whenever you interact with people, deal with them as you would wish yourself to be dealt with with by them, for a worshipper's faith is incomplete until he wants for other people what he wants for himself.

If you read or study knowledge, your knowledge must improve heart and purge your ego—just as if you learned that your life would only only last another week, inevitably you would not spend it in learning about law, ethics, jurisprudence, scholastic theology and suchlike, because you would know that these sciences would be inadequate for you. Instead, you would occupy yourself with inspecting your heart, discerning the features of your personality, giving worldly attachments a wide berth, purging yourself of ugly traits, and you would occupy yourself in adoring God the Exalted, worshipping Him, and acquiring good qualities. And not a day or night passes for [any] worshipper without his death during it being a possibility!"

Minimum duration of module: 22 Weeks


+ When and where will the course take place?

Running Saturdays from 12.30pm-3.30pm class and then 3pm-4pm Arabic Trench tutorial for onsite students only. The same Arabic Trench will be on a weekday evening for online students. 

+ Are your courses segregated?

Yes, all our onsite classes are segregated. There is designated seating for brothers on one side and for sisters on the other.

The rest we leave to Taqwa.

+ Course requirements

Minimum requirements are to have basic Arabic reading skills. Absorption levels of all students vary. We will have some workshops, tutorials and online drills and lessons mid week to help you stay on track. This course is there to take you from beginners to an intermediate level. The rest is down to what you make it. 

+ Are there any assignments/ homework?

Yes, your teachers will be giving homework and assignments.

This is in your benefit to have a better grasp of what is being taught.

+ Will there be any time for Q&A with Mufti Moinul & Muftiya Nasima?

Starting on 12th November (depending on minimum student intake) on Saturdays 1.30pm at the Quran Institute in East London. 

+ Absences and unforeseen circumstances

1. There are potential changes to our study schedule due to announcements of lockdowns, and so we reserve the right to move the course completely online for student safety.

2. If onsite student attendance falls below five due to students choosing online attendance or due to absence, then we will also migrate the whole class fully online.

3. Once the course begins, the fees are spent towards the delivery costs and therefore, course fees are non-refundable.

4. If you are utilising the creche, you are still responsible for your child's additional needs from feeding to changing or any other special needs.


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